Postdoctoral Fellows

Jackelyn Alva, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2007-2011

Current Position: Research Scientist in Dr. Brigitte Gomperts’s Lab, UCLA
UC Regent’s President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2008-2010
Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship (relinquished due to overlapping funding), 2008-2009
Tumor Immunology Postdoctoral Training Grant Fellowship (NIH T32-CA009120), 2007-2008
Research Scientist- University of California, Santa Barbara in Dr. Hyongsok (Tom) Soh’s Group at UCSB, 2010-2012

Research Associates

Cory Peterson


Current Position: MBA Student- Boston, MA
Cyntellect – Research Scientist, San Diego, CA, 2010-2012

Ruixue Zhang, M.S.


Current Position: SRAIII Tony Ribas Lab, UCLA
SRAIII, 2013-2014

Graduate Students

Sean Sherman

Graduate Student, 2008-2012

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow at Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute in Dr. Anne Bang’s Lab, La Jolla, San Diego
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) Predoctoral Training Grant (T1-00005), 2008-2011
Warsaw Fellowship – MIMG/UCLA, 2011-2012
MIMG Department Retreat Speaker, 2011

Kaushali Thakore-Shah

Graduate Student, 2007-2013

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow in Dr. Sophie Deng’s lab at UCLA
Philip J. Whitcome Graduate Student Fellowship, 2009
Paul D. Boyer MBI Teaching Award, 2009
MBI Research Poster Award Winner , 2009
Molecular Biology IDP Degree Progress Award, 2010
Graduate Student Award MBI Fowler Fellow, 2011

Masters Students

Majib Jan


Current Position:  Stem Cell Technologies
CIRM Bridges Funding, 2013-2014

Tasneem Koleilat


CIRM Bridges Funding, 2011-2012
CSUN/CIRM Bridges Student Award for Best Research Talk, 2012

Richard Swan


Current Position: Research Scientist at PBS Biotech, CA
CIRM Bridges Funding, 2012-2013

Shahab Younesi


Current Position: PhD Student at Bailor Medical School, Houston, TX
CIRM Bridges Funding, 2014-2015

Undergraduate Students

Becky Andersen


Current Position: UCSF Developmental Biology Graduate Student, and NSF graduate fellowship recipient
MIMG Honors Undergraduate Student, 2011-2012
MIMG PATH 2 Student, 2011-2012
Dean’s Prize Winner at UCLA for Undergraduate Science Poster Day, 2011

Thomas Dial


Current Position: Graduate Student at Harvard University
Biomedical Research Minor Student, 2011-2013
MIMG Honors Undergraduate Student, 2012-2013
Biomedical Research Summer Scholarship, 2012

Erika Escobar


UCLA CARE Fellowship Award, 2009
UCLA CARE Scholarship Award, 2010
NIH Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) Fellowship, 2010-2012
Chemistry-Biochemistry-Biology Interface Program for Summer Research Training Award, 2011

Julia Hiserodt


Current Position: M.D. Student at Harvard Medical School
Amgen Scholar Program, 2016,  Rose Hill Scholar, 2016
Undergraduate Research Scholars Program

Alan John


Current Position: M.D. Fellow at USC
MIMG Honors Undergraduate Student, 2008-2009
Philip J. Whitcome Undergraduate Fellowship, 2009

Grace Lee


Current Position: MD student at UCLA
UCLA Undergraduate Peers Summer Fellowship, 2010
Biomedical Research Summer Scholarship, 2010
College of Letters and Science Junior Undergraduate Research Scholars Program, 2010-2011
Dean’s Prize Winner at UCLA for Undergraduate Science Poster Day, 2011

Andrea Bañuelos Mota


Current position: M.D. Student at USC Keck School of Medicine
CIRM Bridges Fellow, 2015

Katrina Paras


Current Position: Graduate Student Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, New York City, New York
Awards: i2URP Fellow, NIH-IMSD Scholar, CARE Science, Engineering, and Math Summer Program

Tuan Tran


Current Position: SRAI in Dr. Lili Yang’s lab at UCLA
Howard Hughes Undergraduate Research Program Scholar, 2007-2009
Dean’s Prize Winner at UCLA for Undergraduate Science Poster Day, 2008
Amgen Scholar Program, 2009

Matt Wilson


Current Position: M.D./Ph.D. Applicant
Biomedical Research Minor Student, 2013-2015
Rose Hill Scholar, 2014